Arnos Vale Cemetery Wedding Photography – David & April

This is only the second time in 16 years we’ve worked at Arnos Vale Cemetery, the last time being over 10 years ago and things have changed quite a bit.

We were fortunate to have a parking space allocated for us as this is a public venue and is extremely busy with visitors to the grounds and the Cafe. From there, it was a short (but very hot!) walk up to Hawthorn Street to meet the groom who was playing video games with his best man and ushers! It was one of the hottest days of the summer so far and there was plenty of time to get changed. With some encouragement they began to get dressed enabling us to get some photos and videos of them getting ready with the usual chatter about how to tie a tie! 

From there it was a short walk to see April who was getting ready at home. It was a much calmer affair with hair being done and a few finishing touches to the makeup for the bridesmaids.

The ceremony was taking place at the Underwood Centre which is a clearing in the woodland in the centre of the Cemetery; it also offered some welcome shade for the waiting guests. With everyone gathered, April arrived and the ceremony began. The couple exchanged personal vows (which caused some tissues to be dabbed against watering eyes) before finishing with some couple and family photos as they signed the legal documents. The planned confetti throw went well as the couple walked down the woodland ‘aisle’ before mingling with their guests as the canapés were served.

After a few family photos it was off to the Spielman Centre for the wedding breakfast. There were plenty of places for the couple photos down the meandering overgrown paths through the woodland on our way to the venue. After the Speeches, David played a piano musical piece having secretly taken lessons for the last year before the guests adjourned outside to the sound a live brass band. The evening was finished off with a spectacular ‘Helios’ fire act watched by the guests holding their small boxes of freshly cooked paella. We finished off the photos with night photos outside of the Anglican Chapel.

Probably one of the hottest wedding days we’ve ever worked on but also one of the most memorable!

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