Pre-Wedding Photo Session at Greyfield Woods

When I spoke to Billy & Mel about meeting up for a photo shoot before their wedding, they jumped at the chance!

For most couples, this is the first time they’ve ever had professional photographs taken and so understandably a bit nervous.  They asked me to meet them at Greyfield Woods at High Littleton so when I arrived at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon I hadn’t expected it to be quite so busy; clearly a popular place!

Billy and Mel arrived looking suitably smart (that was how I knew it was them and did comment that they were the smartest people I’d seen get out of a car since I arrived!) and after some informal introductions we started a walk around the woodland. Firstly it’s just a walk and talk about the upcoming wedding. I don’t want to start pointing the camera at them until we’ve at least had a chat and I explain how I work. Fortunately, it was a sunny, warm afternoon (for April) and the late afternoon sun was providing some excellent light.

They knew the way around the woods and we stopped in various places to get some photographs by a stile, the waterfall, woodland paths, a wooden and a metal bridge etc. Plenty of places for some natural photos.

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