Coombe Lodge Wedding Photography

Scott and Abbie

I’ll be honest here, Coombe Lodge is one of our favourite venues, it ticks all the boxes! Inside space, outside space, lovely gardens and great places fr photos. Scott and Abbie’s wedding day was a beautiful warm sunny September day.  Abbie and the girls  were already in the bridal suite when we arrived so we waited for Scott and the guys to turn up.

Whilst we waited, it was a good opportunity to fly the drone around for some aerial photos of the venue. The RNLI wellies next to the piano were a nice nod to Scott’s volunteering role in the community.

The ceremony took place in the piano room and was followed by confetti in the Courtyard. The couple had their young Golden Retreiver Freyja tucked out of side around the side and went to collect her.  I think the sight of a large crowd caused the young dog to get a little overexcited. Unfortunately she picked that moment to do a number 2 right in front of the lined up guests 😉 

We took few photos with the couple and their dog before moving on to the group and family photos in the lovely afternoon sunshine. The speeches went very well with Scott’s dry sense of humour coming across very well (my kind of humour!).

We took the couple for a ‘photo walk’ at sunset to capture some photos and get the shot on the large tree stump that they particularly wanted. After the cake cut and the dancing it was great to see the RNLI wellies making an appearance on the dance floor!  We then went outside again and down to the potting sheds for a few low lights photos before we called it a day.

Coombe lodge wedding photography

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